Way of St. James - Kumano Kodo

Way of St. James and Kumano Kodo

Where are we heading?

There is no efficient devotion without a real space. That is the paradox of pilgrimages: the body has to have weight so that the soul can be lifted up. We need our feet to draw close to the spirit. That explains why, in this era of information, images and transportation, people still go on a pilgrimage along the ancient Roads to Santiago and Kumano.

The pilgrimage creates bonds: it links the secular place with the world above; it brings walkers together at an exceptional moment of their existence; it links the pilgrim with his purified and reborn self. The pilgrimage spreads ideas and federates peoples.

A history that overlooks the Kumano Kodo or the Way of St. James, while trying to explain the unity of their respective civilizations would be for naught, lacking important transmission and communication means, essential elements brought forth through pilgrimage.



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